Dream is beautiful because it is impermanent.

Dream is dream after all but if you contemplate closely it is not a bad thing at all. The good thing about dream is that it gives colors and rainbows to life, it makes life richer and beautiful and most importantly it can not take away what is real. What is real is real, dream does not overlap with reality. Reality and dream are two separate entities and each has it’s own grace. However, dream and reality have different meaning for different people. I have engrossed in the Eastern thinking of what is real and what is dream. According to Eastern Philosophy, if it persists, it is real, if it does not persists and is subject to change, it is a dream. If I were to map life itself onto this understanding, it is subject to change and is thus a dream only. The only real thing being Ever Existing, Ever Present, Awareness as they would like to call it. I am not sure of what this means, but if this “real” exists our existence as we see it, is a dream and thus a blessing. What was my point again? Okay, I was trying to say dream is beautiful. Dream is beautiful because it is impermanent. If it was permanent, it would not have been a dream after all. And how impermanence is a good thing? Because,
If there were only permanence,
There would be no yesterday.
And we would not have met
And you would not have sung to my aloneness
And, I of your longings would not have build a castle in the sky.
And in the twilight of memory, we would not have chance to meet once more.
And we would not be speaking again together
And you would not sing me a deeper song.
And our hands would not meet in yet another dream,
And we wouldn’t be able to build another castle in the sky together.

PS: A Khalil Gibran’s Poetry at last!

I came from void, I disappear into void.